Gideon Goldin

I like to create inspired experiences via novel interfaces and visualizations. I studied computer engineering and linguistics before leaving Brown with a Masters in computer science and a PhD in cognitive science.

I think about how psychology, art, and technology can motivate inspired design. My work is concerned with the ways in which people generate and represent intuitions about complex systems, and how those intuitions can inform improved approaches to human-computer interaction.

I've held lectures on the fundamentals of UX, including perception, cognition, and design. I've also delivered a graduate-level course on The Theory & Practice of Data Visualization. I co-founded DataScale, and these days, I'm interested in toolsmithing experiences for high-tech startups. I'm currently working on the UX at Tamr, and I also contribute code to a few independent projects, such as the open-source TurkGate. You can reach me at .