I worked with Nathan Sportsman of Praetorian to help design the company's crowdsourcing platform, Diana, which offers bug hunters variable bounties for vulnerabilities identified.

“It’s very rare to have the chance to work with someone who embodies the spirit of perfection. The quality of the deliverables, the reliability of the professional, and the friendliness of the individual all made it an absolute pleasure to work with Gideon. You’ve nailed what extraordinary work looks like. We’ve been so completely blown away with everything about our experience that Gideon will always have an open and non-expiring offer from Praetorian. If you decide to enter the job market, call us. Seriously. If you ever need a client reference, you got it. Unlimited requests. We are very lucky to have worked with you.”— Nathan Sportsman (Founder, CEO & CTO of Praetorian)