Grouping and Access Tools for External surveys (for use with Amazon Mechanical Turk) and it is for researchers that want to use Mechanical Turk for recruitment, but more sophisticated survey tools (e.g., Qualtrics, Google Forms, Typeform) to run their actual studies

TurkGate is an open-source web app I wrote with Adam Darlow during our time at Brown to improve the state of psychology research on the internet.

You can read more about it on the Experimental Turk, on the Lupyan Lab Wiki, and in some academic papers. See the TurkGate Manager fork for a way to edit your research database using a GUI.

“I have found that Turk Gate is the best method from the workers perspective for checking eligibility. My concern, now, is how to convince as many requesters as I can to use Turk Gate in their hits…”— Anonymous Turker